Csaba's story

Hi, I’m Csaba Domokos.

Let me share a sneak peek of my story of how I’ve ended up here and became an affiliate marketer and a digital entrepreneur.

So, in a nutshell, after finishing high school, I’ve had that big dream of following my father’s path and become an engineer. A civil engineer, more specifically, who’s going to build up a great family business in order to help others achieve and build up their dream homes, and live happily ever after just like in a fairy tale.

 You can guess that didn’t turn out the way I imagined. I was young, and as time was passing by, I became less and less dedicated. Therefore I failed big time. After all this failure, I felt devastated and humiliated. As a result, I even moved to another country. After a couple of years struggling with finding out what would suit me best, I stumbled upon a fantastic education platform, which basically taught me the tricks of how I can become a digital marketer and entrepreneur. 

The cherry on top is that it came with a community full of like-minded people, who accepted me and helped through my journey. Words couldn’t describe how that made me feel—talking to individuals who turned their life around completely in front of my eyes, “figuratively saying,” and living their dream life. Experiencing this was essential and a complete game-changer in my life.

Learning from them totally made me realize that even I can achieve whatever I DESIRE by helping people who are in the same shoe like I was, having a lot of time to spend with my friends and hobbies and family, and last but not least having geographical freedom. It was a discovery for a lifetime. Eventually, me and my very good friend Julian teamed up, and this is the short story of the beginning of a dream life and our CreateYourDigitalLifestyle company’s existence.

Julian's story

My journey started when I was working at a factory as an operator. I went to work every day, knowing it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

If I am passionate about something, I can become completely obsessed with it, and I would do anything in order to reach my goals.
I didn’t feel like this at all while working as an operator.
Even though the salary was pretty decent, it didn’t fulfill me because I didn’t have any free time left for the things I actually love. 

My life completely changed when my friend Csaba introduced me to online marketing.
I really started to look more into it, and I saw so many people I could relate with, it almost seemed too good to be true. All of the people were experiencing this complete 180-degree turn in their life that I was also chasing. I couldn’t believe that this would be something that would work for me. Of course, it required me to learn a lot and put in some hard work, but it has paid off significantly in the end.

It feels good to provide a service for people who are in a similar situation. With so many scams and false promises, it was a complete relieve to see that this program is not one of them. I’ve never seen this level of involvement from other people, and my goal is to let people experience
the same change that I made, by creating your digital lifestyle!